KCID-Band zum Konzept „Freedom/Freiheit“ bei de Gruyter erschienen

Seit dieser Woche kann der Band „The Concept of Freedom in Judaism,  Christianity and Islam“ der Buchreihe Key Concept in Interreligous Discourses (KCID) beim Verlag de Gruyter erworben werden. Der Band entstand im Zusammenhang mit der Konferenz „The Concept of Freedom and the Concept of Justice in Judaism, Christianity and Islam“, 10.-12. Mai 2017 an der FAU Erlangen.



(by Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer and Dr. Katja Thörner)


In many ways, an examination of the concept of freedom in Judaism, Christianity and Islam constitutes a highly interesting and sophisticated endeavor. With their conception of God as Creator and Almighty Ruler of the universe, these religions, basically, leave little room for the freedom and autonomy of the human being in terms of how these two concepts are currently understood in our age. As these religions teach that God made man from earth, i. e. from the lowest of the four natural elements, they place man in a radical relationship of dependence with a Creator whose nature is fundamentally different from that of his creatures and who exists on the other side of an unbridgeable ontological gap. Man existsin an essentially submissive position vis-à-vis God and powerless against His will – an idea implied in the account of creation in Judaism and Christianity and [weiterlesen…]

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